Systems Design

Our philosophy is built on professionalism, experience, sustainability and innovation.

PIONA ENGINEERING SA was founded in 1972 by Roberto Piona, who continues to own the company. From the start, PIONA ENGINEERING SA has focused on the design and installation of electrical systems, lighting systems, home-building systems automation (home automation), security and special systems (intrusion protection, fire detection, video surveillance cameras, gate control, audio-video, etc.), data network systems, production plants from renewable sources (photovoltaics, cogeneration, solar thermal, etc.), and has naturally evolved to work also on the design of heating systems, air conditioning and replacement air-ventilation. These various areas of expertise belong to the fields of HVAC and sanitary systems, building physics and the important sector of energy building biology (EBB).
With a view to improving efficiency, we started also working with the BIM (Building Information Modelling) method, which enhances the quality of projects, facilitates integration among professionals and makes possible a more accurate control over the various phases during the design stage, with a continuously updated sequence of the different parts of the process. The BIM method is not only an innovative technology, but also a new way of working that uses common standards and product-orientated representations to produce a 3D representation that makes it possible for all actors in the development process – including architects, engineers and investors – to share information.

Innovative Solutions for Eco-Sustainability

All of Piona Engineering SA’s projects are motivated by a constant search for innovative solutions oriented towards eco-sustainability, investment optimization and safety.

We focus on a carefully integrated design and the use of appropriate materials to produce increasingly complex building envelopes designed to suit modern lifestyles and ensure maximum comfort. Human-friendly environments through the use of innovative solutions.

Our Strengths

Reliability, preparation and a dedicated team of technical specialists to design and develop future-oriented systems that address your every need


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Functionality, Convenience, Efficiency, Sustainability, Safety, Environmental/ Physical/ Psychological and Social Wellbeing through the right type of BUILDING ENVELOPE/ SYSTEMS.

At a time when architectural work is configured as a technological structure, the integration of building and systems design has become essential. Up to now, our goal has been to propose solutions for the promotion of a new technological systems culture, but our goal for tomorrow is to strengthen this idea within a company dedicated to integrated engineering in accordance with advanced protocols and criteria at the highest European level.

Not an intricate tangle of cables and pipes that tear though newly built walls, but technological equipment designed together with the building’s structure, integrated with it and constituting a single entity. State-of-the-art solutions that simplify systems management without being invasive, even when they are part of pre-existing buildings that need to be renovated or modified for safety reasons. Smart buildings to live and work in.
Large systems that use renewable energy and decrease or eliminate the need for traditional fuels.

Technology for everything and everyone